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It is the psychological discomfort caused by external or internal environment.

Under the provision in the care and maintenance of youthful offender, expenses and maintenance shall be borne by the parents or those persons liable to support him. But in any case said persons liable to support him cannot afford to pay all or part of the expenses the following shall borne the expenses except one.

A soldier who married a feeble-minded woman whose family tree traced that of their marriage, almost all of their children and descendants were feeble-minded and insane.

What does “R” stand for in the criminal formula?

A British philosopher who was influenced by Beccaria and main proponent of utilitarianism.

Term denoting the central part of the personality structure that deals with the reality and is influenced by social forces and learns to modify behavior by controlling those impulses that are socially unacceptable.

Advocated the theory of hierarchy of human needs.

This theory explains that low intelligence is genetically determined and inherited.

This theory concerned the study of observable behavior rather than unconscious processes. It focuses on particular stimuli and how people respond toward that stimulus.

This system was later integrated into the local government code as provided for by the provisions of R.A. No. 7160, since its direction and supervision were entrusted to the department of interior and local government (DILG).

The following should be stated in the significance of the study except.

In this, the disputants can negotiate virtually any aspect of the arbitration process, including whether lawyers will be present at the time and which standards of evidence will be used.

Term denoting the central part of the personality structure that deals with the reality and is influenced by social forces and learns to modify behavior by controlling those impulses that are socially unacceptable.

Providing incentives to all government and private health institutions with rooming in and breastfeeding practices and for other purposes

Also known as reading disorder.

His/her mission is to gain public support for the police policies and programs and to win friendly citizen cooperation and rapport, relationship to facilitate the accomplishment of police tasks functions and services.

Denotes a group of people affiliated by consanguinity, affinity, and co-residence. Although the concept of consanguinity originally referred to relations by “blood,” many anthropologists have argued that one must understand the notion of “blood” metaphorically, and that many societies understand this through other concepts rather than through genetic distance.

This is a type of interview popular in socio-legal research especially those who do not have background in social research training.

This type of data encourages the researcher to become involved with the subjects, looking for meaning and developing emergent theories through the analysis of soft, non-numerical data.

Refers to offenses where there is no private offended party.

It is a term that refers to a number of processes that can be used to resolve a conflict, dispute or claim, or alternatives to having a court decide the dispute in a trial or other institutions decide the resolution of the case, or issues subject of alternative dispute resolution.

One day we may be cool and withdrawn and the next day, warm and sociable. This condition may fall into the disorder known as

Advanced the theory of Differential-Identification Theory.

Smiling sincerely to, amiably greeting people appropriately; considerate and generous with praise to people; willingly and joyfully serving people are considered.

Youth for purposes of categorizing may refer to the following except one.

Its function is to resolve labor disputes involving unionized workers, especially involving issues related to the filing of a notice of strike or lockout, deadlock in the collective bargaining agreement, unfair labor practice, and interpretation of company policies involving the personnel.

It has the power to define and punish crimes.

Under the same Article (Care and maintenance of youthful offenders), how much will be the share of the identified agency to the cost of maintenance and rehabilitation.

A person who attains sexual gratification by watching nude women

What theory is present when Ana, a call center agent who is traveling every 11:00 in the evening from her place of duty to her house and got robbed because she is always exposed to wicked bystanders who are wandering during nighttime?

A German scientist and founder of the Penal Law.

This shall mean an entity whose place of business is outside the Philippines.

A false belief based on correct inference about external reality and firmly sustained despite of clear evidence to the contrary, and which I not related to cultural or religious beliefs.

Which of the following is not a victimless crime?

An observer whose role is to fully participate in the group members are aware that the observer is carrying out research.

Consists of those fundamental precepts and values both moral and legal which Roverns the relationship of man in all aspects of life.

SPO4 Simeon Sanchez de Pedro is the PCR Chief of Alabang Police Station, Muntinlupa City Police Office, SPDO, NCRPO, and through his dynamic leadership and harmonious working relationship with Alabang Vendors Association and Alabang Brotherhood Association was awarded the NCRPO Outstanding PCR Unit and Officer of the CY 2000.

Type of personality characterized by being friendly, flexible, adaptable, happy working with others, free from worries, and outgoing.

A reliability method used with psychological tests which consist of dichotomously scored items. The examinee either passes or fails in the item. A rating of one (1) is assigned for a pass and zero (0) for a failure.

This means institutions or persons accredited as mediator, conciliator, arbitrator, neutral evaluator, or any person exercising similar functions in any dispute resolution process or system.

It viewed that crime is a “normal” function of the routine activities of modern living; offenses can be expected if there is a motivated offender and a suitable target that is not protected by capable guardians.

A youthful offender once unable to post bail may be released after his arrest to the care of the DSWD. If there are no DSWD in a particular municipality or city for the temporary care of youthful offender, the ____________ shall provide QUARTERS for youth offenders separate from other detainees.

This means any process or procedure used to resolve a dispute or controversy, other than by adjudication of a presiding judge of a court or an officer of a government agency, in which a neutral third party participates to assist in the resolution of issues, which includes arbitration, mediation, conciliation, early neutral evaluation, mini-trial, or any of its combination.

It is excessive, irrational and uncontrollable fear of a perfectly natural situation or object.

Objectives of Police Community Relations from the viewpoint of law enforcement and public safety.

The following are the duties and responsibilities of Public Relations Officers, except

According to him, a person becomes delinquent because he or she has more involvement with delinquent peers, groups or events than with non-delinquent peers, groups or events:

Providing for stronger deterrence and special protection against child abuse, exploitation and discrimination, providing penalties for its violation, and for other purposes.

This is the study of the relationship between the facial features and human conduct of a person in relation to his crimes.

Based on Social Learning Theory by Albert Bandura, people learn from one another, via observation, imitation, and modeling. The statement is:

This mode of adaptation of strain theory is also known as the escapist mode, in which the individual tends to reject both the goals and means of the society.

Public support must be maintained; public resentment must be avoided; public goodwill must be developed; and the public must be kept informed on regulations and policies.

What refers to the tendency for youths to reduce the frequency of their offending behavior as they aged?

This means the united nations convention on the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards approved in 1958 and ratified by the philippine senate under resolution no. 71, dated May 10, 1965.

What personality disorder is marked by suspicion of people in almost all situations, with no reason? They fell that everyone is against them, and are constantly scanning the environment for proof of their suspicions. This suspicion has drastic effects on emotional adjustment and interferes with relationships.

It refers to the breakdown of communal institutions and communal relationships that traditionally encouraged cooperative relationships among people.

Maintenance of PNP activities or service in accordance with law to achieve legal order and as a consequence, you bring about legal peace of the community.

It refers to the statement of purpose for which the investigation is to be conducted.

A philosophy that states that the only authentic knowledge is knowledge that is based on actual sense experience. Such knowledge can only come from affirmation of theories through strict scientific method.

Referred to as dementia praecox, this is a form of psychosis characterized by thinking disturbance and regression.

A characteristics of research in which it is based on valid procedures and principles.

These are a serious mental and emotional disorders that are manifested of withdrawal from reality.

Which of the following refers to conflict with two goals, each with good and bad points?

It is the sum total of dealings of the PNP/police with the citizenry of serves and whose goodwill and cooperation it craves for the greatest possible efficiency in public service.

According to this theory, when criminal behavior is learned, the learning includes: techniques of committing crimes; the specific direction of motives; drives; rationalizations and attitudes:

The primary concern of the Philippine National Police including other public safety services is

It refers especially to development, remedial or corrective procedures that appropriately follow the diagnosis of the causes of maladjustment of unfavorable development.

It is defined as the method of getting a representative portion of a population- total of objects, persons, families, species or order of plants or of animals.

Hormone that stimulates hard action or physical stamina:

It is a product of the person’s tendency plus the total situation of the moment interacting with his mental resistance.

A doctrine which criminals were seen as distinct types of humans who could be distinguished from non-criminals by certain physical traits.

Whenever the youthful offender has been found incorrigible or has willfully failed to comply with the conditions of his rehabilitation programs or should his continued stay in the training inadvisable, he shall be returned to the committing court and serve the final judgment. If he is found guilty he is still qualified for probation.

Recurring sexually exciting fantasy, impulse or behavior related to non-human objects e.g. things, fabrics, designs, the suffering or humiliation of oneself or the partner, children or other non-consenting persons. Basically things that wouldn’t arouse the average person are arousing it.

It is defined as written works collectively especially those of enduring importance, exhibiting creative Imagination and artistic skill which are written in a particular period language and subject.

This design is applied to those samples which are taken because they are the most available. The researcher simply takes the nearest individuals as subjects of the study until the sample reaches the desired size.

Occurs when a family member, partner or ex-partner attempts to physically or psychologically dominate another.

This is medical discipline that deals with ductless glands and their functions:

It is a private non-stock, non-profit corporation organized in 1996 for the purpose of promoting and encouraging the use of arbitration, conciliation, mediation and other modes of non-judicial dispute resolution for the settlement of domestic and international disputes in the country.

The act of bringing about better understanding, harmonious relationship, confidence and acceptance for an individual police or organization by the general public is known as

This theory explains that delinquency is caused by the difficulty of those in poverty in achieving socially valued goals by legitimate means.

The public safety officer’s individual public relations are divided into the following categories, except one.

Mary has an argument with her boss, but remains calm while at work. When she gets home that evening, she yells at her spouse and children. Which coping mechanism is Mary displaying?

The two primary doctrines initiated by the Classical School were:

Group unity among juvenile gangs has nothing to do with the adoption of delinquent behavior.

Greg learns that he has cancer. He begins to learn everything he can about the illness, reading books, journal articles, and the latest experimental research. Greg’s response to his diagnoses is what type of

Most effective and Prominent Police Community Relations approach patterned from a Japanese police “Koban System”.

This means the __________ on international commercial arbitration adopted by the united nations commission on international trade law on June 21, 1985.

An examination of data or facts in terms of quantity, quality, attribute, trait, pattern, trend and relationship among others so as to answer research questions which involve statistical techniques and procedures.

The social component that is identified as the cradle of human personality.

Its goal is for a neutral third party to help disputants come to a consensus on their own. rather than imposing a solution, a professional mediator works with the conflicting sides to explore the interests underlying their positions.

This theory emphasizes that a sharp division between the rich and the poor creates an atmosphere of envy and mistrust. Accordingly, lower-class people might feel both deprived and embittered when they compare their life circumstances to those of the more affluent.

It is the continuing process or system by which endeavors are made to obtain the goodwill and cooperation of the public for the effective enforcement of the law and the accomplishment of the police/PNP purpose and objective.

These groups to be interviewed are useful when the researcher is interested in finding out how people reason through problems or make decisions about things decisions about things.

It is an agency under the department of labor and employment (dole), which was given quasi-judicial powers by law.

Its mandate is limited to resolving inter-union and intra-union disputes, disputes arising from conflicts in union representation, cancellation of union registration, administration of union funds, petition for election of union officers, and the violation of rights of union members.

This means any information, relative to the subject of mediation or arbitration, expressly intended by the source not to be disclosed, or obtained under circumstances that would create a reasonable expectation on behalf of the source that the information shall not be disclosed.

The purpose of penalty in the Positivist School of Criminology.

In gathering data, triangulation is done and this includes the following types.

A social philosophy which advocates the improvement of human hereditary traits through various forms of intervention.

It is the most familiar type of dispute resolution, and typically involves a defendant facing off against a plaintiff before an ad hoc committee or a presiding judge of a court.

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