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Which country in Asia maintain a Volunteer Special Constabulary to augment the police needs both operationally and administratively who enjoy wearing same police uniforms and ranks except salary?

The development and creation of INTERPOL, ASEANAPOL and EUROPOL is the best indication of police _____________ .

It’s a zeal to do the right thing and to get the job done is extremely contagious and is quickly felt by others. It also known as:

This consists of arranging personnel and functions in a systematic manner designed to accommodate stated goals and objectives in the most efficient manner possible.

Plans which require action or assistance from persons or agencies outside the police organization.

A type of leadership that seeks ideas and suggestions from his or her subordinates and allowing them to participate in decision making.

New employees should be briefed on security rules and regulations of the organization and the importance of observing them. This process is called:

It is a process of choosing a course of action from two or more alternatives.

The __________ means controlling the direction and flow of decisions through unity of command from top to bottom organization.

Planning cannot be undertaken without referring to ________ on the entire police organization, community, crime, equipment inventories, personal data, etc.

It is the importance of the firm with reference to the national economy and security.

Australian Police is facilitated by the following men in uniform who uses rank, uniform and authority, except for _____

In the Philippines, the average manning level of the PNP shall be in accordance with at police to population ratio of one (1) policemen for every population.

It means more on instructing, teaching, and training.

In 1961, when the Philippines join the INTERPOL, the NCB-Manila is under the office and direct supervision of the ______

This precedes the discipline of others; hence, the supervisor who has difficulty controlling himself is one who follows his own set of rules.

An appeal filed with the Napolcom Regional Appellate Board shall be decided within ______ days from receipt of the nation appeal.

Did the alternative chosen and implemented accomplish the desired result? Is a question mainly relevant to–

Generally, police are known to be the enforcers of the law of the land, in contrast, who performs for the enforcement of the judgment of the courts?

If Philippine police is called Philippine National Police (PNP) how do you call Malaysian police?

He was the last American Chief of Police of Manila?

Which of the following is not a part of screening of PNP personnel for applying as Secondment Detail in the United Nation Peacekeeping Corps?

The first step in the planning process is to recognize the need to plan. Which of the following is NOT a way to discovering the need to plan?

This is a mechanical means of depicting by an arrangement of symbols, the relationships that exist between individuals, groups, and functions within the organization.

What is the system of natural or man-made barriers placed between the potential intruder and the objects, persons and matters being protected?

He was the first American who became the chief of police of Manila.

When was the Insular Constabulary changed into Philippine Constabulary?

Republic Act 8551 states that all policemen must undergo field training program as a requirement for permanent status in the PNP. How long is the requirement provided by this law?

This law provided that the PNP shall assist and support the AFP in the counterinsurgency campaign:

A good leader is persuasive and tactful. Having a characteristic of _____.

A vision for effective leadership must have the following, except –

In what year did the Schurman commission offered Gen, Emilio Aguinaldo a plan of government that is known as “The largest measure of local self-government consistent with peace and order?

Listed below are the official language of Interpol, which is NOT?

There are notices issued by the INTERPOL to help the police in member countries communicate critical crime-related information to one another. Notice is in a form of color, so that GREEN COLOR means ________

Are the acts or conditions affecting the safe operation of the facility caused by human action, accidental or intentional.

Which of the following do not belong to the country’ who originally composed the Association of South East Asian Nation or ASEAN.

Is it true that the police, aside from being the most visible component of the governmental authority, their presence also gives a feeling of security to law-abiding citizens and a feeling of fear to would-be offenders?

It is the act of determining in advance the procedures and steps that should be used or applied in order to carry out the responsibilities of the members of the organization

The first Filipino who became Chief of Police of Manila when the Manila Police Department became an all-Filipino organization.

It surmounted by the barbed wire top guards, and if the height is less than the prescribed, additional topping is placed to attain the minimum height requirement.

It is the wise use of one’s judgment, personal experience and common sense to decide à particular situation.

Under physical security, what should be placed between the prospective intruder and target installation?

Following are steps in decision-making process, except –

This is the disciplinary authority who has jurisdiction over offenses which carry with them administrative penalties of withholding of privileges, restriction to specified limits, suspension or forfeiture of salary, or any combination thereof, for a period of not exceeding fifteen (15) days:

It is a natural manner of an individual indicating a complete command of his mental and physical faculties and emotions.

The capacity or ability of an individual person to lead, as in the phrase, “he or she could have exercised effective leadership”, or in the concept “born to lead”.

How is one classified if he steals primarily because of irresistible urge due to unexpected opportunity and little chance of detection?

It is the combination of the best features and advantages of both the line and the functional type of organization.

The ________ differs from routine patrol methods in that patrol officers perform certain specific, predetermined preventive strategies on a regular and systematic basis.

A police officer who manages a police station must use all of the following skills, EXCEPT.

This is the disciplinary authority who has jurisdiction over offenses which carry with them administrative penalties of admonition or reprimand, restriction to specified limits, withholding of privileges, forfeiture of salary or suspension, or any combination thereof for a period not exceeding one hundred eighty (180) days:

A type of an organization where in there is a direct flow of authority from the top position to immediate subordinate levels.

A restricted area containing materials or operation of security interest.

What plans require action or assistance from persons or agencies outside the police organization?

This is a patrol program designed to ensure law abiding citizens feeling of security but the reaction of fear for the would be violators.

Which of the following statements is logically correct?

It is a decision-making by one supervisor, and which is typically described as authoritarian decision-making process on the part of supervisor.

This particular police role is solely involved in peace keeping on community service role or social services.

Which of the following is excluded among the most important general objectives of personnel management?

Are house like structure above the perimeter barriers, it gives psychological effect to violators.

Are those caused by natural phenomena which caused damage, disturbance and problems of the normal functioning of human activities, including security.

These are barbed wires placed above a vertical fence in order to increase physical protection of establishment or installations.

Who may be automatically granted height waiver, as provided under Section 15 of Republic Act No. 8551?

The following are leadership characteristics except?

This decision-making calls for as many decision-making as possible to be made by the hierarchical organization.

In this type of organization, the tasks of management or supervision are derived according to functions and divides responsibilities according to specialization.

Natural hazards such as storms, earthquakes, floods or lahar cannot be prevented from occurring. To minimize the disastrous effects of these phenomena, the security officer must prepare a:

The following changes must be made in police operating procedures if the investigative skills of patrol personnel are to be employed to their fullest advantage EXCEPT.

Who hosted the first ASEANAPOL conference on October 21-24, 1981?

It is the broadest branch of security which is concerned with the physical measures to prevent unauthorized access.

The special formations used in crowd control include the wedge, diagonal and deployed line. When a crowd is small enough not to require a squad, then the formation is:

A three bar and a three chevron in the PNP rank is ______ ?

It is a physical security applied to business groups engaged in industries, like manufacturing, assembling, research and development, processing, warehousing and even agriculture.

Protection of classified document concerning their preparation, classification, reproduction, handling, transmission, disposal and destruction.

An unobstructed area maintained on both sides of the perimeter barrier.

The capability of an individual to affect, inspire and enable others to contribute towards the effectiveness of an organization of which they are members.

It is a type of perimeter barrier made of chain link with mesh openings not larger than two inches square, and made or #9 gauge wire or heavier.

It is defined as the specific type of behavior that is to be expected from an individual who occupies a particular position with attendant responsibility and authority.

In the study of policing system throughout the world, it is a general observation that most known color of uniform adopted by police agency is _________

There are how many country members in the INTERPOL as of present?

Which of the following plays an important part in Peace Keeping role in the United Nations?

ASEANAPOL is an association of __________

One who steals with pre-conceived plans and takes away any of all types of items or supplies for economic gain.

PO II Carlo Y. Alba and PO I Anglelo S. Suba report only to one (1) supervisor. This is the principle of _______________.

A medium of structure which defines the physical limits of an installation to restrict or impede access thereto.

Used to provide warnings and criminal intelligence about persons who have committed criminal offences, and are likely to repeat these crimes in other countries What color this notice signify?

This type of patrol performs certain specific, predetermined preventive strategies in a regular and systematic basis.

It may also denote any training intended to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior, that further produces moral, physical or mental development in a particular direction.

Which among the operational support units of the PNP was abolished?

The necessity of decision-making process begins when,

The planning process generally consists of five (5) steps in sequential order. (Which is the first step?)

What is the next planning step after the need to plan is recognized?

The __________ includes citizens who are cleared to attend meeting in Malacañang.

Which of the following is a structure where its people work as a group; it pre-supposes an orderly arrangement of individuals and groups where there is discretion and control provided, necessary to coordinate human efforts to achieve a desired objective.

In the PNP organization what do you mean by RCA:

The more complex the organization, the more highly specialized the division of work, the greater the need for:

Under this principle, the chief executive directly controls two to ten subordinates, who then control two to ten subordinates each and so on until the bottom of the organization is reached.

This is a form of training and attitudinal conditioning which is used to correct deficiencies without invoking punishment.

Police in Japan assigned in substations near major transportation hubs and shopping areas and in residential districts-form the first line of police response to the public. They are called ____________

In this form of authority, personnel do not give orders but they offer advice. Frequently this advice is based on the high level of expertise, but the advice carries no formal requirement of acceptance.

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