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A firearm requiring a separate pull of the trigger for each shot fired, and which uses the energy of discharge to perform a portion of the operating or firing cycle.

Rape, assault, and murder are not an example of legal terminology.

The patterns to which numerical values are assigned in deriving the “primary” in the extension of the Henry System of fingerprint classification used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation are the whorl-type patterns, which occur in about 30 percent of all fingerprints. It is that type of pattern in which at least two deltas are present with a recurve in front in each.

The first person to discover that a silver chloride solution placed in a camera obscura can capture an object when exposed to light. Object that has been captured was said to be the first recorded photographic image.

As a rule, questions must be simple and direct in polygraph examination.

This are designed specifically to produce an emotional response attempting deception.

Listed below are the indications of disguised writing, which is not?

The forking or dividing of one line into two or more branches.

A means of ignition of a propellant charge by a mechanical blow against the primer or percussion cap.

The following are indications of Speed Writing, which is not?

The delta may not be located in the middle of a ridge running between the type lines toward the core. The location of the delta in this case depends entirely upon the point of origin of the ridge running between the type lines toward the core. If the ridge enters the pattern area from a point ABOVE the divergence of the type lines, the DELTA is located on

When collecting known samples from the victim or suspects, police investigators must gather a large quantity of hair. The minimum hairs or fabrics to be collected is..

The polygraph technique and procedure have a very strong psychological effect upon a guilty suspect in inducing him to…

The admissibility of the result of the polygraph test is subject to the discretion of the….

A bullet made from paraffin usually used for short range indoor target shooting.

Refers to other writings by an individual taken upon the request of the investigator for purposes of comparing them with his other handwritings.

A quality of strokes that refers to a movement whether it is extended or limited in its range with respect to both vertical and horizontal dimensions

That if the graphs and examiner’s opinion are offered as evidence, the opposing party shall have the right to the examiner in any of the aspects deem pertinent in the case on issue as to relevancy, materiality and accuracy of the presented evidence.

Abdominal pattern is found in the tracing of…

These are specimens or standards written under normal condition but cannot be used for comparison.

This is used when the nature of the crime or offense is complex and information gathered by the polygraph examiner are considered sufficient and enough..

A Latin word which means marketplace.

Bruises, wounds, contusion, laceration & the like must be basis & individually in a..

A Greek work which means to throw.

There are phenomenon that may occurs when light falls on an object. What is the resultant phenomenon when light hits an opaque object?

The term crime scene refers to the immediate site only of the crime.

Hair and fiber evidence gathered must not be intermingled because they are very susceptible to..

38 Caliber is equivalent to

Graphology believes that handwriting are composed of three zones. Which of the following list below represents middle zones?

The ridge count of the loop in the right little (5) finger. If finger #5 is not a loop, use the left little (10) finger. What is this classification?

Base on the inheritance for the ABO system as standard basis for disputed parentage, if the blood of husband and wife are both “O” the possible offspring are __________.

The extraordinary visual memories of police officers – camera eyes and photography were not the answer to the criminal identification. This is because

The only part of the finger impression with which we are concerned in regard to interpretation and classification. It is present in all patterns, of course, but in many arches and tented arches it is impossible to define. It is that part of a loop or whorl in which appear the cores, deltas, and ridges with which we are concerned in classifying.

The core is placed upon or within the innermost

The points at which the recurving ridge definitely turns inward or curves.

A class of handwriting standards of person written in the course of his daily activity.

The blood is compose of certain chemical substance called antigens located in the surface of this cells.

This photography may be utilized for flash photography in almost no visible light. Night photography can be photograph using this special technique using blackout flash lamps.

The genuineness of any disputed writing may be proven by any of the following, except…

Bullet and cartridge comparison can be viewed well through…

It has been found out that some individuals secretions such as semen, saliva, urine and vaginal fluids corresponds to their blood groups and therefore may be used as specimen for the detection of blood type.

The island formed in front of the diverging sides of the banks where the stream empties at its mouth corresponds to the fingerprints, which is the first obstruction of any nature at the point of divergence of the type lines in front of or nearest the center of the divergence.

A German monk who was credited along with Roger Bacon, an English monk, with the invention of gunpowder.

The police photographer must always establish the____ of the things being photographed to the crime being investigated.

“Bullet Wipe” around the margin of a bullet hole:

The limitation and possibility of error in the technique used in administering polygraph test may be used as issue in the cross-examination of the polygraph examiner.

The most essential factors to be observed in blood grouping.

The identical twins that put a doubt to Bertillon System of identification adopted in the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas in 1903. Their Bertillon measurements were close enough to identify them as the same person.

Which of the following lists below do not refers to standards?

A light that has a wavelength of more than 700 millimicrons.

Braille system consists of arrangement of dots which represents letters, number and punctuation mark of the alphabet. Braille symbol is called braille cell that consists or represents…

An example of this fibers are glass wool and asbestos.

He maintained that handwriting is unique self-expressive phenomenon, like walking style or facial expression.

A cartridge giving a muzzle velocity of less than 1850 ft/sec.

The perpetrator who would naturally be in possession of such unpublicized knowledge will usually exhibit a rise in the tracing up to that particular question followed by a decline thereafter when this test is applied.

This is the liquid portion of the blood.

The number of ridges intervening between the delta and the core.

A design where the breech mechanism is cycled by an external lever generally below the receiver.

The elevated areas of friction skin

A French word which means a small ball..

This part of the hair is the basis of the forensic examiner in determining whether a hair is of human or animal.

The innermost layer of the epidermis where new cells are created.

A finger electrode is a component of….

The double rows of peg-like formations that covered the dermis.

This is photographing or recording of objects on a scale larger than the normal or actual size of an object. This sometimes use in photographing the general location of the crime.

Sickness, emotional condition, drug addiction, muscular fatigue and forgery.

No two samples of writing prepared by anyone are identical in every detail because man or human is not a machine that can produce similar detail of writing in all aspects.

These are questions, which do not relate to the matter under investigation, and deal with a known fact about which the subject cannot lie.

The first test that a criminal investigator or criminalistics expert must performed at the crime scene where the blood is found and believe to be necessary in the solution of the crime being investigated.

The presence of sperm proves that the stain is made of semen. However, there are instances where some condition lead to non-detection semen. The condition where semen does not have sperm cells is known as _________

There was no other substitute for a darkroom, except a darkroom.

Mechanical adjustment must be represented in chart marking by….

A firearm with Caliber .30 is equivalent to

A mechanical mixture of charcoal, sulfur and salt peter.

The first, second and other series of questions for polygraph test must be different in order that the subject may be caught unaware of the test to be given.

The essential explanation for fingerprints having supplanted other methods of establishing the identities of criminals reluctant to admit previous arrests.

A cylindrical bullet design having a sharp shouldered nose intended to cut target paper clearly to facilitate easy and accurate scoring.

These are questions that refer to fictitious crime in which the subject may believe that he is under equal suspicion.

In determining the competency as to who are the most competent in identifying a particular photographs in court is always lying on the hands of the police photographer or the person who took the photographs.

This is a type of explosion which is caused by expansion of gas producing high pressure beyond the capacity of the container.

The amount of standards writing, specifically signature that constitute adequate samples.

These questions have direct bearing to the crime or case on issue under consideration to include some secondary element like guilty knowledge or partial involvement.

This is the study of handwriting and its evaluation of personality facets and character traits through slant, pressure, etc…

Of the following, one is not among the purpose of between-chart-proving.

Gruesome pictures simply means..

Ten minutes is enough or more than enough to develop a film completely without drying for black and white..

Polygraph examination results can be considered as pure results of scientific application & not opinionated.

Short wave and long wave lamp is a lamp used in this photography.

This test is so easy and not so confusing that even an ordinary policeman nor detective on field could perform it at the crime scene.

This chemical is useful in almost all laboratory tests for blood..

As a rule, the admissibility of the photographs is anchored on the fact that the person who took said photographs must be presented in court to identify his work. This version must be followed, and no one is exempted to this rule.

A 12 gauge indicates that

Polygraph examination result is opinionated because of the following instances, except…

This is one of the most important features in the examination of papers. It is a distinctive mark or design placed in a paper at the time of its manufacture that serve for its identification.

A gun barrel with very wide lands will have

The outer layer of the skin.

The first known practical photograph.

A type of powder used in the ammunition of small firearms and known to be the first invented. It consists of a mixture of carbon, sulfur and potassium nitrate.

Each polygraph test must not last for more than minutes.

It is the system of studying the frozen graphic structures, which have generated in the brain and placed on paper in a printed or cursive style.

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