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These are penalties that have no fixed duration.

This shall to the reduction of the duration of a prison sentence.

A prisoner who is sentenced to serve a prison term of six months and one day to three years.

Who among the prisoners shall not be considered for commutation of sentence?

He said, “If you’re going to punish a man retributively, you must injure him. If you are to reform him, you must improve him”:

Which is not included in a carpeta?

How is an order of probation being issued?

The postponement of the execution of a death sentence to a certain date:

The supporting documents of the petition shall include the affidavits of at least how many responsible members of the community where the petitioner resides.

This is the process wherein the inmate, after serving his sentence, is released to be able to mingle with the community:

Mr. Z was convicted for the crime of Sedition. Is he qualified to apply for probation?

In what prison and penal farm can you found the Montible sub-colony?

The entrusting for confinement of an inmate to a jail by competent authority for investigation, trial or service of sentence.

This was considered as the code of ultimate severity.

Residential treatment for SUD’s emerged in the late 1950’s out of the self-help recovery movement, which included groups such as______.

This custodial officer has the responsibility of strictly enforcing all laws and rules and regulations relating to prisons.

On what university can you find Bentham’s memorabilias?

What correctional facility has been established by virtue of Act 3579?

Who first advocated the use of electronic devices to keep track of subjects in the community?

Therefore, ______ means that the modalities are both context and mediator for individual change and social learning.

It is a self-guided improvement, that is, intellectually, or emotionally, often with a substantial psychological basis?

A disposition under which the defendant, after conviction and sentence, is released subject to the conditions imposed by the court:

This theory justifying penalty states that the crime must be punished by the State as an act of retribution.

This is a method by which a prisoner, who has served a portion of his sentence, is conditionally released but remains in legal custody, the condition being that in case of misbehavior, he shall be put back to the correctional institution again:

Who shall appoint Regional Probation officer?

It is an approach to psychotherapy and counselling, and it differs from conventional psychiatry, psychotherapy in that in focuses on the psychiatry’s 3Rs?

This is an act of the sovereign power granting general pardon for a past offense usually granted in favor of certain classes of persons who have committed crimes of a political character, such as treason, sedition or rebellion:

The establishment of alternatives to formal justice system such as deferred prosecution, resolution of citizen disputes and the like.

The therapeutic modalities impulse furthered the idea that the modalities created in the ____ of a study at large can be therapeutic for the casualties of the society.

The Pope that abolished the Vatican’s Index of Prohibited Books.

Minimum security prison shall wear this color of uniform:

What bureau was established by virtue of Reorganization Act of 1905?

It is defined as the sharing of roles across disciplinary boundaries so that communication, interaction, and cooperation are maximized among the participants and service providers in a therapeutic modalities program?

This refers to the suffering that is inflicted by the State for the transgression of the law.

Essentially, these are the functions that serve as the basic from which the therapeutic modalities spring?

How many years is the term of office of the probation aide?

_____, or even moral problems, are consistently apparent whether expressed in psychological or existential terms.

In therapeutic modalities, rather than classifying individuals according to their patterns of drug abuse, they are instead delineated along degrees of_____ and “social deficits”.

It is a holistic practice that encompasses massage and bodywork but is not confined to work nor the people often expect when they hear massage?

He exercise and maintain security custodianship of inmates in all penal institution:

They are prisoners who are convicted by final judgment by the competent court.

The aims to intervene as quickly as possible after the traumatic event occurred?

This prison facility was established on September 21, 1954.

It is a type of therapeutic modalities style characterized by low demands with high responsiveness?

It is a self-help social learning treatment model used in the rehabilitation of drug offenders and other clients with behavioral problems?

______, by contrast, are given a positive emphasis as being essential to both social learning and personal growth.

A punishment, which consist of keeping an offender in confinement and compelling him to labor.

It is defined as an intervention with systematic, structured, and didactic knowledge transfer for an illness and its treatment, and motivational aspects?

It is then agreed to the development of a parallel working group, to consider how far the same or similar fundamental principles might be found, in a different guise, in other fields?

Escapees shall be placed in this type of security group:

This prison farm was established on January 21, 1923, by virtue of Act 3732 and Proclamation No. 414 series of 1931:

This is the Greek word where the word “escape” came from.

This shall refer to the conditional release of an offender after he has served a portion of his sentence.

History tells that probation started in what country.

This was considered as the main insular penitentiary during the Spanish regime.

In what prison and penal farm, Panabo sub-colony is located?

It is a political philosophy and economic system that integrates communal ownership and confederations of highly independent communities?

This shall refer to a parolee/pardonee who is placed on supervision.

He shall act as the adviser of the on the implementation of prison projects

Who shall appoint the Assistant Probation Officers?

The primary objective of therapeutic modalities is to foster _______

Typically, therapeutic modalities are a _____ separate from other programs and located away from the drug-related environment.

When did probation system become a law?

Clearances from the police, court and prosecutor’s office where the petitioner resides are not necessary for the contests of petition.

It is a process through which therapeutic modalities becomes democratic?

A punishment of an ecclesiastical court for some spiritual offense.

It is a set of rules for choosing effective treatments for individual patients?

It is enhanced and ideally should be staged, beginning with orientation and education, and then moving to support groups, therapy groups, and therapy with the adolescent?

It is the belief that something positive should be accomplished during the incarceration period that forms the basis of the rehabilitative approach:

The criteria for release utilized by parole boards are uniform from state to state.

Was appointed governor of the prison at Valencia, Spain adopting military type discipline, encouraged prisoners vocational training and education.

He recommends qualified parolec and pardonce to the Board.

This shall refer to the one who applies for the grant of Executive Clemency.

This prison and penal farm was initially for the confinement of political offenders.

It is a theory of learning process and social behavior which proposes that new behaviors can be acquired by observing and imitating others?

The risk of adolescent health and behavioral problems, including substance use disorder, rises with lack of parenting skills, high levels of ______.

By contrast, in _____ the primary messages of personal growth, “right living”, and recovery are mediated by peers through discourse and sharing experiences in groups.

Amendment to PD 968 that made appeal & probation mutually exclusive remedies.

This is the Latin word where the word “escape” came from.

This juridical, condition of penalty states that penalty should apply to all transgressors of the law.

It is most commonly referred to the coexistence of a substance use disorder and a psychiatric disorder?

A license or permit given to a convict as a reward for good conduct that allowed him or her to go at large and work before expiration of sentence, subject to certain restrictions and revocable upon subsequent misconduct. A forerunner of parole.

The philosophic foundation is _______ for one’s behavior and the belief that change is fully possible if the individual exerts the personal effort to follow the program.

There are how many operating correctional facilities in the Philippines?

This juridical condition of penalty states that the extent of penalty must be proportionate to the gravity of the offense.

This refers to a convicted defendant who files a formal application for probation.

A crime strategy that focuses on keeping the offenders in the community rather placing them in long-term confinement.

He organized the academy of the fist.

This builds on similar mutual experiences and understanding, building trust and the willingness to learn and grow from among the participants in a therapeutic modalities program?

Who shall appoint Provincial and City Probation Officers?

What bureau has the direct supervision and control over all the correctional facilities in the Philippines?

Which is not a form of Executive Clemency?

Parole officers have discretion in how intrusive they become about a parolee’s life once they are placed on supervision.

Which of the following document is not confidential in nature?

It is seen as changing negative patterns of behavior, thinking, and feeling that predispose one to substance use and developing substance-free lifestyle?

This shall refer to the exemption of an individual, within certain limits or conditions, resulting in the partial extinction of his criminal liability.

Restorative justice is a balanced approach that calls for involvement of the following, except?

Medium security inmates shall wear this color of uniform:

It is employed to strengthen the learning process and the practice of more adaptive behaviors within the social learning environment?

The word “prison” comes from this Greco-Roman word:

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