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It is one of the best tracing clues in a robbery:

These are activities that are normally resorted to by the courts on traffic violations:

It is a device that sends and receives computer information over a telephone line or high-speed cable?

A self-incriminatory statement not tantamount to acknowledgement of criminal guilt is called

To have or to produce a body…

The police must arrived at the scene of the crime as quickly as possible because:

As to shape of the road signage, the shape reserve exclusively to “stop” sign according to the standards set-forth by Vienna Convention and DPWH is…

The value of identification by eyewitnesses depends on, EXCEPT

The outermost layer of the earth is called

The cessation of use of a psycho-active substance previously abused, or which the user has develop drug dependence.

Evidence from a crime scene that cannot be discerned by the unaided eye. This is often referred to as an invisible clue and requires a microscopic or other sensitive instrument for analysis.

What shows that evidence has been under someone’s supervision

These may be considered hardware and are also considered to be peripheral devices?

A chronic loss of control over the consumption of alcoholic beverages despite obvious psychological or physical harm to the person.

A building unsafe in case of fire because it will burn easily or because it lack adequate exits or fire escapes.

In a state of agitation and dullness of the mind as a result of drug, the dependent becomes careless and losses concentration on his job. This may cause to:

This refers to a group of stopped vehicle units due to an interruption:

It is not volatile, meaning the memory is still retained even when the power is interrupted?

It is the memory that the computer uses to temporarily store the information being processed?

A means of heat transfer when energy travels thru space or materials as waves.

This means that the driver who is in the better position to prevent the accident shoulders the responsibility of preventing the accident. This principle is always applied in any traffic accidental investigation in order to justify and penalized the driver who was not defensive in its driving.

Any drug, which acts on the central nervous system, producing excitement, alertness and wakefulness:

The volume of water in motion as it leaves the tip of the nozzle to the place of use.

These are articles and materials whether physical or biological which are generally found at the crime science that serve as an aid in the investigation as to the identity and the prosecution of the offender:

Proof of life is necessary in the prosecution of kidnap cases.

There is smoke but no flame

The following are delayed effects of cocaine use, except:

This is supplied to the microcomputer with the use of a keyboard, a mouse, or another input device?

It is an open source which means that anyone can change the code around and redistribute it as they want, resulting in many different versions?

The phases of criminal investigation are, EXCEPT

The searchers follow each other in the path of a curve, beginning in the outside and curving in towards the center.

The temperature required to initiate a combustion reaction is called ___________

It is the computing part of the computer that interprets and executes program instructions?

This refers to the ease with which a human reader can comprehend the purpose, control flow, and operation of a source code?

This includes warehouses, terminals, hangars, parking garages

Circle as a symbol for traffic is mainly intended for…

This is an act of driving while preventing accidents despite of the wrong actions of others aggravated by the existence of adverse driving conditions, which requires knowledge, alertness, foresight, judgment and skill.

The questioning of a person who is suspected to have committed a crime:

Drugs that have either a mild calming or sleep producing effect upon the nervous system.

There are drugs whose sale, purchase or use is generally prohibited by law.

It is a volatile memory because the memory is automatically erased when the power is turned off or interrupted?

Shell casings or cartridge cases used in robbery provide important information only with regard to the identification of the type of weapon used for the crime.

This executive order invoked the Clean Air Act of 1999 and the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003 to impose a nationwide ban on smoking in all public places in the Philippines

All lines, patterns, words, colors or other gadgets EXCEPT signs set into the surface or applied upon or attached to the pavement or curbing officially place for the purpose of regulating traffic is called ___________.

It is a processor whose elements are miniaturized into one or a few integrated circuits contained in a single silicon microchip?

There are drugs which increase alertness and physical disposition.

Evidence that can be associated with a single, unique source is called

What color is used as background color for signs related to pedestrian movement, school zones, and road work hazard markers to give additional emphasis and guidance to vehicle operators?

This is an act of examining the behaviour of motorists and the conditions of traffic:

At -60°F, gasoline _________.

It is the “brain” of the computer?

The following are the main sources where physical evidences can be obtained from, EXCEPT:

Temperature is a measure of a molecule’s ___________.

It is the second most common operations system in desktop systems, and it is comparatively being matched with Windows?

The main reason why both traffic officers and signal lights are used on some intersection is that

It is a collection of programs and related data that provide the instructions to the computer on what to do and how to do it?

The first successful steamboat journey in the U.S.A. was made by:

The identity of the criminal may be made in the following ways, EXCEPT

Fire is an example of what type of chemical reaction?

It is the middleman between the user and the computer?

It must be included in the unrecognized drugs.

Albert and Robert are lovers. One night Albert caught Robert in the arms of Sabrina. That evening, while Robert was sleeping, Albert took a scissor and cut the genital of his lover. Robert was confined in the hospital for 120 days. What crime was committed by Albert?

This is not generally considered a drug and thus be cleared as an unrecognized drugs.

What part of the investigation report that gives a brief summary of the major investigative steps accomplished?

Children whose parents or siblings engage in crime and drug use are minimally at for deviance and drug use.

This includes tools in the form of programs or applications that software developers use to create, debug, maintain, or otherwise support other programs and applications?

Drugs that are categorized as uppers or speeds can give the following symptoms of abuse, except:

What science deals about measuring traffic and travel?

Actual flame starts

The use of ethyl alcohol or liquor in a quantity and with a frequency that causes the individual significant physiological or sociological distress or impairment.

Class C Fires can be extinguished in any of the following methods,

There is uncontrolled spread of heat

A fire extinguisher which is composed of mono-ammonium phosphate.

The fundamentals responsibility of the officer in charge of protecting the crime scene is

It is the pretty part of a computer, i.e., the windows, buttons, scroll bars, and task trays?

To displace smoke and hot gases.

This pavement marking is telling the driver to stay within the lane; it also marks the shoulder of the roadway, what particular marks it is?

Which of the following is not a type of marks left by a sliding tires?

It is computer software designed to help the user to perform specific tasks?

This is an act of causing a traffic accident, like colliding or bumping a person or a fixture and failing to stop and identify oneself afterwards. It is considered a crime in most jurisdictions including in our country.

It is a machine that performs tasks or calculations according to a set of instructions or programs?

Illegal drug use is only associated to physiological problems and with scant possibility of generating psychiatric problems.

Ways and means are resorted for the purpose of trapping and capturing the law breaker during the execution of a criminal act.

To prevent the fire from extending to other involved building

This refers to the organization and control of hardware and software of the computer so that the device will behave in a flexible way?

In the follow-up investigation of rape, the investigator must first consider the safety, comfort and ____________ of the victim.

This class of occupancy includes building or structure, which cannot be properly classified in any of the preceding occupancy groups.

They are called the depressant group.

After receiving the radio call reporting a robbery, the first officer’s initial responsibility is to arrive at the scene as quickly as possible.

The temperature at which a liquid fuel will produce vapors sufficient to support conduction once ignited.

The burning of a small quantity of the suspected substance and determining the odor or smell having similar to burnt banana leaves or has a sweetish odor is a field test that can reveal the drug __________.

This white crystal-like powder is the most available form of cocaine:

Which among the level of alcohol below can be considered NOT drunk and affect the driving ability

The physical dependence upon a drug and includes the development of tolerance and withdrawal.

If the criminal is known, then police records and pictures are available. His relatives and friends can offer a description. Further description may be obtained from local police files, background investigation and from verbal descriptions of others.

Chlorine or other chemical like manganese

Female robbery victims are more likely to be attacked than male victims.

It is the main printed flat circuit board in an electronic device such as the microcomputer?

Amount of oxygen in percent sufficient for combustion.

Oxygen is the most common example of a/an

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